Get the right candidates

Struggling to fill vacancies?

Don’t worry. Skillzminer has the answer.

With a growing economy, it should be easy to fill vacancies. Right? However:

  • Employers are struggling to find the talent they need. There are now more vacancies than job seekers.
  • Millions of pounds are being wasted on recruitment campaigns, that return the same old candidates. Or, even worse, don’t find any suitable candidates at all.
  • Hundreds of thousands of companies are having their growth held back – because they can’t find the talent they need to make it happen. 

The answer lies beneath the surface – and Skillzminer knows where to find it.

Why hidden talent matters?

  • Do you have hard to fill vacancies?
  • Have you exhausted your usual talent pool?
  • Do you need to hire people based on their skills and not just their job titles?
  • Do you want to increase diversity and inclusivity in your business

Our ground-breaking software unearths the best talent by mining skills from more than 200 million people Globally who are actively looking and ready for work.

Skillzminer digs beneath CVs and profiles, job specs and adverts, making over a billion interconnections between people, skills, occupations, and jobs that would otherwise never happen.

By digging beneath the surface, Skillzminer avoids human preconceptions and identifies people’s existing skills, abilities, and potential without judging them based on age, ethnicity, gender, or other characteristics.

How we deliver value

From £350 per month:

  • Less than one job advert in the press
  • Less than an agency would charge for one hire.

From engineering to construction, manufacturing to retail, and digital to healthcare. We have millions of people who are looking for work right now.

Let’s stop searching for needles in haystacks and start mining for diamonds in the rough. Try Skillzminer today!

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“I didn’t think a person like me could get a job. Skillzminer helped me see that it wasn’t my skills or capability holding me back, it was my confidence. I am now applying for jobs easily with Skillzminer and my job coach.”