Improve job outcomes, economic activity, tenancy sustainment & social mobility

For Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Employability and Skills providers we improve job outcomes rates by 6% for the long term unemployed, boosts labour market proximity, skills and social mobility.

Our ground-breaking software has been licensed by the UK’s prominent employability providers, local authorities and housing associations to help thousands of people throughout the UK, and Ireland to find jobs, career pathways and training by utilising their hidden talents.

From engineering to construction, manufacturing to retail, and digital to healthcare, we have access to around 1 million jobs.

Who we are?

We’re Skillzminer. The word’s smartest job matching platform. Our goal is to help support organisations like you to help your residents, whether they are actively looking for work, are looking to get closer to the labour market with training or are economically inactive.

Act Now!

For the first time on record there are more vacancies than unemployed people but employability and training providers are struggling more than ever to place people into work.  The labour market has stagnated as more people have became economically inactive or are staying in their current roles. We need a system that allows individuals and providers to recognise the skills that are most in demand by the labour market.

Skillzminer is delighted to support you to change the employability system across the UK to make it more adaptable, responsive and person-centred via:

  • Employability Services, including the provision of pre-employment and work-related education
  • Skills development
  • Training opportunities
  • Other related support for people of all ages who are unemployed, further from the labour market to support them to move towards and into work
  • Support to help those who are low skilled and on low income to progress in employment.

How We Deliver Value

Skillzminer would be delighted to provide you with a discounted fixed monthly licence fee starting from £200 + VAT.
By licensing Skillzminer, you’ll get: Jobs, Training, Online Courses, Resources & Missions.

Your customers will have access to a vast array of content designed to narrow their distance to the labour market by finding job opportunities and bridging their occupational skills gaps. This has proven to improve job entry rates by 6% on employability programmes targeting the hardest-to-help.


If you are running an employability programme, Skillzminer’s virtual assistant can reduce initial appointment times by up to 35% and subsequent job-searching sessions by 25%. This saves staff, on average, 2 hours a day. If you do not offer employment support, Skillzminer does the heavy lifting by extracting crucial insights whilst giving you access to the Data Analytics.

Data Analytics

Detailed aggregated labour market supply & demand data and organisational, macro or cohort-based level insights.

Caseload Management System

Organisational access to enable staff to track, engage and support people with co-job searching functionality.

Via a URL hyperlink Skillzminer can be accessed via your website, social media or emails. This means tenants can get all the benefits of Skillzminer without requiring one-to-one support and you can access the Data Analytics.

White Labeling

To build a greater sense of community will personalise the platform with your logos.

Employer Engagement

Skillzminer will provide your employer engagement team with the ability to intelligently search your pool of talent for your hard-to-fill vacancies.

Get in touch to book a demo and see how Skillzminer can work for you and your business

“I didn’t think a person like me could get a job. Skillzminer helped me see that it wasn’t my skills or capability holding me back, it was my confidence. I am now applying for jobs easily with Skillzminer and my job coach.”