Why use Skillzminer?

Skillzminer helps people understand their transferable skills in just four minutes, matching people to 3,000 different occupations by mining 15,000 different skills. 

We help unearth everyone’s potential, so people find jobs they love.

Our ground-breaking software discovers people’s hidden talents, plots experiences, identifies working styles and works out the jobs and career pathways open to them – now, or with just a bit of training. And we help find that training too. 

Skillzminer doesn’t discriminate – because it can’t. Unaffected by any human preconceptions, it serves up a true reflection of someone’s skills, abilities, and potential.

With the right people in the right roles, employers are more productive, and we can help the economy to thrive. 

The technology does the leg work, so you don’t have to.

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“Skillzminer’s ability to understand what people can do, rather than what they think they can do, plus pull jobs from multiple sites, lets me help more people. And no more endless hours of job search.”

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